Supernova Fusion

You shine so fucking brightly

I saw you from across the globe

I saw your inner light

The girl that no one else knows

I saw you, what I need

A girl with a heart like mine

A girl to whom I could concede

And lay all upon the line

You shine so as to eclipse the sun

Without you my world would turn black

So now I pledge to bathe in your light

For me there’s no turning back

You are mine, I am yours

Slaves bound together tight

Two stars in supernova like fusion

Nothing in our universe could ever be as bright


3 thoughts on “Supernova Fusion

  1. Sigh.
    It is true, we do belong together
    Two birds, who have always shared the same feather
    Kept apart by shitty weather….
    Until we met..a fusion, a supernova…one another’s lifelong tether
    I love you.
    Thank you for writing such beautiful things for me!!!!
    Bestest boyfriend in the whole-wide-world!!! 🙂

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