Daily Prompt: Local (Local Fair)

Welcome to your local fair!

I have all the fun you’ll need.

A tongue to whip your juices up.

A cock so full of seed.

So welcome to your local fair!

Come take all you want and need.

Ride and reach such dizzying heights.

You’ll never ever want to leave.

via Daily Prompt: Local

5 thoughts on “Daily Prompt: Local (Local Fair)

  1. hehe…
    Beast, I am shutting down this fair
    And…it is only fair.
    No one else gets to sample your ware!
    You know perfectly well…I do not share!!
    Your cock full of seed??
    I will be smoking it like…weed!
    Oh…and your wicked, talented tongue?
    Hmm. I might want it licking…my bung!
    So no…I don’t ever want to leave
    For unto you…I will forever cleave💕

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    1. Who said this fair was for all.
      It’s just for you, to hear the call.
      You are all I want to enjoy the ride.
      You are my only one I can confide.
      So fear not my sweet beauty yours is the only ticket.
      So bring me your pussy so your ring master can lick it.

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