Our World

I will build us a world

Into which we’ll retreat

To be who we’d be

To be us, free

In our world

We’d know no pain

Just the happiness

Which we both crave

There we’d love

As our hearts desire

There we’d burn

On lust fueled fires

I will build this world

I promise to construct

This place where

We’d perpetually fuck

Night’ll become day

Sun will set to black

Whatever the time

Well never look back

Pleasure our motto

Our statement to be

I will fuck you my love

And you will fuck me


4 thoughts on “Our World

  1. yay!! I love this!!!
    It’s like we have our own secret club…for just us two.
    We need to cum up with a secret handwank…I mean handshake 😉
    I love our world.
    The one we’ve made.
    The one we will make.
    Anywhere with you, is where I want to be.
    Making love…morn, noon, and night…..hehe…but you know my love…I will get sore 😦 haha!! Cuz…you fuck that strong..and that long….
    Holy hell!!!!
    I need you!!!!

    Liked by 1 person

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