A memory I’ll keep

Come here lil miss

Don’t be afraid

I think it’s about time

You and I played

Slip off those knickers

Sit on my knee

Open your legs

Let me feel

My how you’re wet

Your warm with desire

Let my fingers

Ignite your fire

Oh how you moan

As I ply my will

Rubbing your clit

As your honey spills

Legs a shudder

Buttocks clenched

Now my lil miss

Your orgasm is wrenched

Out with a squeal

Your legs clamp shut

Now that wasn’t so bad was it

My sweet lil slut

No you shake your head

And kiss me deep

It was wonderful daddy

A memory I’ll keep

4 thoughts on “A memory I’ll keep

  1. Every memory with you is a keeper
    Whether we are laughing, crying…
    Or someplace in between.
    I love to give you myself…and I love that you receive me.
    I love it even more that you have given more of yourself to me, than anyone else.
    Every single second I have spent with you…
    Is a memory I will keep.
    I love you with all my heart Beast oxoxoxoxox

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    1. We are what memories are made of.
      Love, passion, smiles, tears, good times, hopes, fears.
      As long as we are one our lives will know fun…
      Rawrrr 🦁

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