You Make Love To My Brain (in more ways than one)

A gentle pushback

And the tip of my tongue

Licks up your smooth underside


Tonight…my lucky mouth gets to jack

Until every drop is wrung

Your…useful foreskin will slip and slide…


As it dances with my bobbing head

And my hands, saliva drenched

Will start to grip, twist, and stroke


Working, working, working, I need to get fed!

I want your pleasure on a Loop, and your heart entrenched

So, shove in deeper Beast… and make me choke!


Your poetry and words

Make love to my brain…

Now I want your big fat cock to!


Hehe…on a side note…I love that we are both nerds!!!🤓

Now…give me all your cum!! let it spurt out and drain….

As I start working on round number two

via Daily Prompt: Loop

6 thoughts on “You Make Love To My Brain (in more ways than one)

  1. Your head and hands worked so hard.
    They drew from me a feeling deep.
    That filled your mouth your throat and more.
    You sucked out every drop that seeped.
    I never ever came like that before.
    Seeing those stars in my eyes.
    I’d never been so rocked to my core.
    That’s the truth I cannot deny.
    So cum here my sexy lil nerd.
    Straddle me give me that arse.
    Suck down and move me some more.
    And do not let our moments pass….

    I love you beauty ❤❤❤❤

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    1. Beast, make no mistake
      I’m gonna slake
      Your big dick’s ache
      And I won’t be taking a break…
      All sucking will keep you awake!
      Cuz…Babygirl needs her milkshake…
      Plus I love your big juicy….steak❤️😝🎱🎱

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Hungry I see .
        Hungry for me.
        Hungry to feed.
        Hungry for seed.
        A hunger I’ll satisfy.
        A hunger I’ll gratify.
        A hunger I have plied.
        A hunger I share inside.

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