Summer Rain? or Mental Shit-Storm?

This morning my wisdom is in short supply

In my dark matter, fear mushrooms

Rationality was given its walking Papers

And my heart has had a panic attack

Tears have salted my coffee

I’ve lost myself inside-doubt

And it feels like my body is inside-out


My mind is a greasy margarinefly

Floating in its dirty fumes

Breathing in its toxic vapors

Fluttering around it fuels my imagination’s thick smokestack

My ID, Ego, and Superego are doing mental karate

And I’m on the edge as they bicker and hoard

Feeling every inch of their triple-edged sword


Why does my happiness fall like a rain in summer?

It’s not supposed to…

I need shelter from these thoughts that suddenly drop

Stinging me like acid, they offer no cooling relief

I need to take cover under your umbrella

Will you let me?

8 thoughts on “Summer Rain? or Mental Shit-Storm?

  1. I have room to cover from rain.
    I have words to soothe your brain.
    I have a promise that I’m forever yours.
    I have a pledge that you can be sure.
    My love is yours, yours is mine.
    And we’ll stay sheltered together come rain or shine.

    I love you beauty ❤❤❤

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