Tiny Wet Zigzagstripes

I will never forget…

How your body pushed mine down

But pulled me even closer…

When each of your thumbs deftly spread and opened me

And your saliva drenched tongue

Licked me, your honey filled soulwife

How you started making tiny zigzagstripes…

Along my smooth lips as you were alternating kissing your pet

With encircling my clit, giving her a temporary crown

Your rhythm began fingering my tempo and lust became our composer

My hips began singing in our hotel sheets with glee

And as I held all of my passion deep in my lung

Your mouth gave me life

In those last few swipes


Beast…thank you for eating my pussy with delicious stamina and originality.

Ahem…..you give the BEST oral. I love you oxoxoxoxoxo.

6 thoughts on “Tiny Wet Zigzagstripes

  1. Why thankyou beauty!
    As I tried insidiously to work my way inside I realised you tasted divine.
    As I sucked the pleasure from within your core and held you to give you more I realised I wanted more.
    I felt you shudder, flinch, try to pull away, I said no way and held you til I said okay.
    You came and I lovingly kissed a way to your lips o’er your hips til tongue tip to tip.
    Then we felt true love, true togetherness, true lust.
    I need you again…
    I will always need you…
    I love you xxx

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    1. I need you again too my love. All the rest of the days of my life…won’t be enough. I am insatiable for you. For the love you give to me. For the love you’ve shown me. I am eternally grateful…and eternally yours. Love, your girl💕

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