Ex’s and Oh’s

All around me are your hugs and kisses

Ex’s and Oh’s…Oh’s and ex’s

Floating about…like little invisible angels

A magical force field of flapping wings

They are the guardians of my heart, my well-being

You, my beloved, are the center of all my hopes

You have…Punctured me

With your love

With your passion

With your energy

With your lust

You have set the real me free

I am yours for as long as you will have me

I love you eternally 💕

via Daily Prompt: Puncture

3 thoughts on “Ex’s and Oh’s

  1. I will hold you in my heart til I die.
    For you have awakened me, my soul.
    We have found what it means to be free.
    What truly makes us tick, makes us whole.
    I shall not judge or be judged by you.
    For we accept each other as we are.
    We see what no one else sees mirrored.
    We see each other’s hearts.

    I love you beauty xxx

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