May I refer you,

To our prior conversation.

The exchange we had,

Our thoughts on sensation.

Do you remember,

The ideas we put forward.

About how we’d feel,

Whether bad or good.

Whether we’d really enjoy,

The experience in action.

Whether it’d be too much,

Way passed satisfaction.

I remember it well,

This chat we had,

And now looking at you,

All fishnet clad.

I cannot wait,

To see how you cope.

Tied down to my bed,

With the roughest of ropes.

I cannot wait,

To hear the squeals.

To see the pain,

That ultimately heals.

To feel how tight,

Your anus really grips.

As I fuck your arse,

As I slap your tits.

I cannot wait,

To test our ideas.

To put our thoughts to practice,

To allay or confirm all our fears.


2 thoughts on “Conversation

  1. I want to experience every sensation with you. Good ones, bad ones…all of them. I want everything with you. Yes…we will do and try everything. I have no fears. None. I trust you implicitly. I remember….everything. Every conversation we have ever had. Every kiss we have shared. Every hug. Every time you have ever entered my body…has been committed to my memory. It is these memories….that are sustaining me right now. And the knowledge…we will be together again soon. I love you. I love you…beyond any and all expectations you have. Forever IS forever. It is!!! Look it up in the dictionary….!!! hehe I love youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu Daddy!!!


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