Hit record

You place the camera, hit record.

You look straight at me with eyes that implore.

Watch me daddy, watch me please.

Please daddy watch me tease.

You lie back on your bed, you open your thighs.

Gasp as you touch yourself, eyes open wide.

With a sweet giggle comes a bashful request.

“Will you play too daddy? with two it’s the best!”

So as I watch you stroke your moist clit.

I stroke myself harder, and bite on my lip.

What I see is so hard to believe.

The most beautiful girl ever! playing for me.

You buck and writhe with fingers inside.

Asking me “pleeeaase daddy, please come and ride!”

“I’m there baby” I sigh in a moan.

I hear how wet you are as you bring yourself home.

Then with a shudder and thrust up in the air.

We both cum together as if we’re both there.

I sigh aglow, milk out the last drops of sperm.

As you lie in your glow stroking, I watch and yearn.


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