I slow to a pace and milk the last drops.

Our juices squeeze out o’er your arse.

And once I’m fully empty, I withdraw.

I grasp hair, push in, my cock your lips pass.

Tears break, as you gag on our pungent lust.

You swallow as tongue licks me clean.

Degradeded but feeling so fucking good.

The picture of us oh so obscene.

Eye contact as I’m getting harder again.

A sparkle reappears in your eyes.

You push me away and slowly lie back.

Opening yourself again, thighs spread wide.

6 thoughts on “Inbetween

  1. I may choke on your fat cock
    And feel thoroughly used….
    But the sparkle in my eyes will always be there for you my love.
    I didn’t mind when you shoved your enormous dick down my throat. I think you should do it again…if you’d like……..
    I love you!! My sweet, sexy…hung-like-a-horse beast😛

    Liked by 1 person

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