Come sit beside me…

May I rest a hand on your thigh?

May I slide it up slowly?

Would you like to know why?

Yes! Yes you would.

That news warms my heart.

And the heat I feel as my hand rises.

Well frankly, it gets me hard.

May I kiss you.

Soft, tender tongue play.

As my fingers tease you through panties.

As I slide them aside, away.

Oh you’d like to feel?

The bulge in my pants you see.

You’d like to let it loose?

Like to drop down to your knees.

But no! These people here watch us.

They read what we do.

Let’s take it off line my sweet.

Private for just us two.


8 thoughts on “Teasers

      1. I wanna sit on your big, thick cock daddy. That’s what I wanna sit on. Then I wanna get up…then sit back down. Then up…then back down. Mmm. Maybe you could put your hands on my hips daddy! And help me move up and down, up and down……

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      2. I’ll guide
        You ride
        Then I’ll fire
        Seed inside
        As you spill
        Honey gush
        Cumming on daddy
        Both in lust rush


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