Choking back the tears of need

Praying hoping for all we’ve seen

Longing for no one else we see

Wanting as I, you and me

Opening up to inevitability

The realisation that it really can be

And in time it will, this is sure

In time tears dry to give us more

More time, togetherness, love so true

More of what is real to me and to you

More than physical, more than touch

The true connection we’ve longed for so much

Mind, body, heart, soul

Giving ourselves over, giving ourselves whole

Creating our forever from one initial thrill

Raising the flames that bond us still


4 thoughts on “Still

  1. Our connection to one another is strong. It is real. It is….magic!! Truly….indescribable. It is more than physical. So much more. We are inevitable, in every sense of that word. You are the loveliest, sexiest man I have ever known. And you write…with a passion that I can feel…course through my body. Every word you write my love!! Every word turns me on!!!!
    I’m in love……

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    1. Good, I want every syllable to hit home and raise each individual hair upon your neck… I need you to feel the love, the passion, I need you to feel how I feel about you.

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      1. I feel it daddy. I do. It’s tingly and electric!! ⚡️⚡️⚡️⚡️⚡️⚡️⚡️⚡️❤️🍭 I love you so much!!! You are the bestest daddy a babygirl could ever hope for💘💕💘💕 #1 daddy 🥇

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