Pleasure we’ll both take

I need to taste your flesh again

I need to feel your pulse with mine

I’m desperate to lick your soft wet skin

Covered in sweat, labours shine

My lips long to kiss along thighs

To feel you flinch as I suck your clit

My ears crave the soft muted sighs

As fingers enter covered in spit

I will own you I will take my wants

I will drive you mad as I tease

I will make you cum again and again

I will revel in your exhausted pleas

You know this is all to be true

Not one thing written is fake

You know what I’ll do to you

And you know the pleasure we’ll both take

4 thoughts on “Pleasure we’ll both take

  1. Mmmm. Yes daddy. I will take every lick of your wicked tongue on my needy clit, every thrust of your big dick in my needy pussy…and ass…and every kiss from your perfect mouth. I will take it all. I will also be giving, giving, giving to you in return. Our lovemaking is a circle of pleasure that goes round and round daddy. You are the best, most thorough lover I have ever had. You write good sex….and you FUCK IT EVEN BETTER. I truly, truly, truly am the luckiest woman alive. And I will be showing you and your body how appreciative I am. I adore you my sweet, sexy beast. Forever.☠️☠️

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