I’ve never ever been natty

At least to my knowledge

More behind the curve

Perhaps even stolid

I’m not excited

By springs brand new offers

My hair has never ever

Ever been coiffered

Which is all the more surprising

When a beautiful girl like you

Says to me the loving things

The loving words you do

So as summers heat nears

I’ll be in my old t shirts and shorts

Holding your hand tight when i can

Cos you’re in love with me and not what I’ve bought

Thankyou beauty, thankyou for loving me 💜

3 thoughts on “Natty?

  1. Love doesn’t care about fashion.
    Love doesn’t wear clothes.
    Love looks for passion…
    Love knows, what it knows.
    It is indeed a mystery….
    I saw you, the real you
    BEFORE my eyes did.
    My heart fell in love with yours…
    And yours fell in love with mine.
    Hearts can’t see. They can only feel.
    I love you. I know what I know, and so does my heart.
    We are each other’s. Forever.❤️❤️🌈

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