Maybe you look like a nerd at work…

In your cute little office shirts

All buttoned up, and tucked in your slacks

But I know the real you…

And yes, maybe you are a bit nerdy

But you are also altogether pervy!

With a huge, thick cock I love to jerk

(Yes…I love to jerk it too!)

And a poetically inventive talent for hip-thrusting….

(whoooo-haaaa….hell yesssssssss……..)

So, yea…you’re a nerd

And I am a hard-core (it’s actually soft, wet, and warm) nerd-lover…

Wanna know why?

Cuz you fuck way-better than any other non-nerd guy!!!


7 thoughts on “I ADORE MY NERD!

  1. Hehe I’ll forever be your nerd
    I’ll forever listen and learn.
    For attention to detail is key.
    To diligently read.
    Every movement, every moan.
    Knowing when to take you home.
    Studying your body what you need.
    And what I need to do to make you plead.
    Then when the time is right my love.
    I ‘ll turn you to jelly, I’ll nerdy fuck.

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    1. I’m counting on it!
      I’m also…
      Working my calculations
      Studiously solving
      Proving our hypothesis..
      hehe…I’m nerdy too 🙂
      I love you my sweet, sexy beast…and I wanna nerd-fuck with you…stat!!!

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      1. Hmm. I’ve always thought I’m more oral than anal…as I’ve told you. I need you to prove me wrong my love….😛😜😉. I love you❤️❤️❤️❤️

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