I want us to fuck, until we cry

Until my pussy lips swell

Until your cock is dry

Until sex is all we smell

Until our bodies are glued…

And thoroughly screwed

I want us to disappear in our love-space

Lost together…without a Trace

via Daily Prompt: Trace

3 thoughts on “LOST IN SPACE

  1. Gah! Gah! Gah!
    I want to lose myself with you.
    I want to do all we’d do.
    I need to feel what you’ve typed.
    Cos I know it’s real not just hype.
    I’ve felt you wrapped around my cock.
    I’ve felt you swell as we fuck.
    I’ve heard you ask please no more.
    I’ve watched and felt the tears start.
    It kills me to be apart.
    But I promise that we’ll be together.
    To fuck ourselves sore forever and ever.

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