I want to snap on my exam gloves

And inspect you thoroughly

Take you apart bit…by bit, not hurriedly

See if I can see…any Trace amounts

Of fucked-hurts from past loves

I don’t want you in disguise

I don’t want your half-truths and lies

You think you’ve known love in the past

Cupid’s arrows, well…they flew so fast

Piercing you over and over where it mattered the most

Your need for love was a haunting ghost

You were holding on to beliefs

Aching for someone else’s reliefs

The beauty inside of you slowly became your beast

So let me be your confessor, your understanding priest

Trust me, like I trust you

And there is nothing we can’t do

Body, mind, soul…our hurts and pains will enmesh

And we will enter one another’s flesh

Together forever

It is the god’s decree

You and I will never sever

Inside you, inside me

via Daily Prompt: Trace

5 thoughts on “INSIDE YOU, INSIDE ME

  1. Gah!

    Pick them out
    Splinters in me
    Take them
    Make me clean
    Love me
    Heal me
    Find your truth
    The truth that I love only one
    The truth
    I love you 😙

    Liked by 1 person

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