Oh no

You are the inspiration for temptation,

The flagrant source of fantasy degradation,

A sexual feast of celebration,

The body I need to be embracing.

You have a mind full and unique,

You come with a veil of mystique,

When you wiggle turn a cheek,

You leave me, my knees weak.

Bring me your bulging beating heart,

Let me feast there for a start,

Before I tear the rest apart,

And give you passion, that I impart.

I will endeavour to bestow,

Carnal knowledge from below,

Whilst wrapping it in love you know,

Neither will want to ever let go.

Oh no, oh no….


Blown Away

You’re as fierce as a sabre tooth tiger.

But ten times more alive.

You have more than a thousand galaxies.

Shining in your eyes.

You amaze me more and more.

Every single day.

You receive all the worship I can give.

To you my Goddess I pray.

More beautiful than wild national park.

Prettier than a kitten cute.

Art of the finest renown, prestige.

You bring into disrepute.

I cannot give you enough compliments.

I can’t express enough praise.

But know this sweet beauty my love.

You’ve completely blown me away.