Love’s sobriety hasn’t sobered me

Instead I am a junkie looking for it to fix me

It’s sprinting and zigzagging down my face

Painting in black my life’s sad disgrace

I’m deeply in love with you, but in bed with him

I can’t Buff this all better, make it appear less dim

So choose the vein you wish to prick!

But go slow, very slow…please don’t be quick

I want to savor the sweet moment you enter me

Right here, right now…in my prime

Because maybe there won’t be a next time

via Daily Prompt: Buff


Through music my love you soothe my soul.

Through aural enrapturement you make me whole.

The sounds you suggest, hit home, strike my heart.

The love you’ve shown, hits home, hits hard.

Never stop sending your mix tapes to me.

Always bring me your tunes of belief.

For I will listen long after my eyes fail.

I will listen and love our loves tale.