Never enough

Bend yourself over

Pull yourself apart

Let me see

That work of damned art

Ask me nicely

Beg me to fill

Want me to fuck you

Need me to fill

Take me deep

Every last inch

Push yourself back

My horny lil bitch

Cum as I cum

Deep deep inside

Let our lust loose

To run down your thighs

Turn stand and hold me

Feel lust turn to love

Tell me you want more

That I’m never enough

4 thoughts on “Never enough

  1. I will forever be panting those words in your ear….
    ‘More daddy!! more!!’
    You will never ever, ever be enough. When you and your fatty cock fuck me long and hard…you wind up my body’s clock…giving me time. The precious gift of time with you…I will never have enough. Time to enjoy life. Time to love. Time to laugh. You give me something I desperately need. Yourself. I love you with all my heart. ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

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