Video play

As I watch you I slowly smile and can’t help but feel the excitement as my cock lifts itself up off my thigh. It slowly fills with passionate blood as I watch you slide fingers into your own passionate wet pussy. Like a clock’s hand it moves from six o’clock to a hard throbbing twelve. Twitching, pulsing in sychronicity with my beating heart, begging to be stroked. I finally relent and grasp it firmly, squeezing up along the shaft to its head then pulling the foreskin back again and again as I settle into a rythmn to match your own as your fingers slip in and out of your sex.

Then you slowly withdraw and lift the camera to show me your lust filled eyes, you seductively suck your digits clean. I pause my motion to massage my glans with finger and thumb, the most sensitive spot on my whole body. I’m with you, not at the same time, not in the same room, not even the same country, but at that moment in time I’m with you in every way.

You return your hand between your wide spread thighs and take a sharp intake of aroused breath as you start to stroke your swollen needy clit. I continue to massage my bulging knob wishing I were with you to suck upon the sensitive nub that you now caress. Your breathing deepens as does mine, we both start to work ourselves a little harder. I’m now stroking again as you work your clit furiously, it feels so good, only surpassed by the feeling I felt inside your mouth and cunt when we were last together.

“It feels good daddy.” You whisper as you slip fingers into your honey to draw it out and smear it over your whole pussy. I can hear how wet you are and this drives me to stroke myself faster with a firmer grip. You introduce your left hand to your play, in it is your little ergonomically shaped pink vibrator. It buzzes into life with a click and you gasp a giggle as you introduce it to your engorged clit.

“Mmmm…” We somehow both satisfyingly moan as we both draw ourselves closer to the final throws of play. You with your vibe applied directly to your favourite spot, me wanking furiously wishing I was pummeling you as you vibe yourself.

“Fuck! Daddyyyyyyyy!” You whine as your legs start to shudder, I’m stroking so hard my arse is lifted clear of the bed. Then with almost precision timing you cry out and slam your legs closed in orgasmic spasm, I feel my gut sink and then thrust to rise and spurt forth cum into the air and onto my belly. We both lie stunned breathing heavily, happy, and in some ways fulfilled.

Next I’m brought to my senses to see your sex stoned face snap into a giggle, I too laugh with love in my heart and eyes.

“I love you daddy.” Come your words along with a couple of hand aided blown kisses, which i gladly pucker to receive.

“I love you too babygirl.” I whisper into the air hoping you feel it as my phone screen returns to the video menu.


5 thoughts on “Video play

  1. Oh…..I felt it daddy. I love you too!
    I cannot wait to suck you while we are both at noon… my pussy gets smushed back into your waiting face. Feeling your tongue and mouth on me…as mine are on yours….mmm. Sweet dreams indeed. In the interim….I love playing like we do. I love playing with you in any way, shape, or form daddy. You ARE next to me, with me. I play for you. Only for you. Always for you. I love you soo much! Thank you for writing this. oxoxoxoxox

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      1. I love you too…
        I need you as much as you need me
        Can’t you see???
        I need what you give
        To live…
        I believe you are real
        I believe you will heal
        I want us both to kneel…
        And give thanks to each other
        Holding, tangled, we like it that way
        Love lives in our embrace, pain is what we smother…
        Today and everyday
        We will combine into one
        Raising our own sun🌞
        I love you❀️

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