So you’ve come here to retrieve

A somewhat unjustified reprieve

From the punishment you know you’ll receive

If my thoughts don’t deceive

But what’s done is done

And I’m not really the one

To undo rules for fun

So prepare to cum and cum and cum

via Daily Prompt: Reprieve

9 thoughts on “Reprieve?

  1. I love to be your pet, not your peeve!
    Beast, from you…I will never leave 🙂
    I think….what you perceive
    As me looking for a reprieve…
    Is really me looking for you to relieve!
    So…if you be my dirty adam, I will be your dirty eve…..
    Will you please roll up your sleeve…??
    Let’s see how many orgasms we can achieve!!!

    Liked by 1 person

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