1. I love you too
    By beauty my belle
    I’ll love you til entering
    Heaven or hell
    And there I’ll fill
    Your head your heart
    There I’ll prise your
    Thighs apart
    To fill everywhere
    I possibly can
    As your beast
    As your obsession, your man

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    1. You are my man
      for as long as time will span
      And together we are working our love plan.
      I love you……but beast…..
      We are going to be entering heaven, hell is no place for us!

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      1. Lead me my love
        Not below but above
        Lead me to eternal bliss
        Lead me to pleasure
        To your honey treasure
        Lead with your gifts
        Lead me to light
        This and all nights
        Lead we with your love sure
        Lead me away
        From the black and the grey
        Lead me with you love pure

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