You’re a cunt

You’re a cunt

I’m a cock

Cumming together

Cumming as we fuck

You’re a cunt

That I love to taste

The cunt into which

I dump my waste

You’re a cunt

A cunt that’s mine

And I’m your cock

To use for all time

10 thoughts on “You’re a cunt

  1. You are a filthy dirty-minded beast
    With a sack filled for me to feast…
    I will suck you dry…
    And for more of me you will cry.
    I will move my body like a whore
    Up and down, I know you want more.
    Your big, huge dick is perfect…
    And to you…and IT…I am an addict.
    I love you with all my heart and my cunt.
    Forever. Plus several days more.

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