Shared heritage

I wonder have our paths crossed before, did we meet in a previous life?

Were you perhaps my lover, in another time my wife?

Everything seems so right, like I truly know your soul.

That our friendship and love is not new, but very very old.

I think that our relationship is aged like wine, it has a wonderful vintage.

I’m sure that we have met before, and we we’re drawn by our shared heritage.


5 thoughts on “Shared heritage

  1. This is so beautiful. So true, and so beautiful.
    Yes, my love…yes. We have had a past together. Today we are reunited to live in the now, the present. My dream is to be with you in the future too. I would love nothing more than to keep this circle, our circle of love…going for eternity. Infinity and beyond even that!

    You are my beating soul. My understanding. My compassion. My love. My sex. My everything. I adore you.

    Hmm. I wonder what we will come back as…hehe…in our next lives?? I hope it will be as two national geographic-type wild animals…who live in the wilderness…and love to fuck each other raw! hahaha!!!

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