I smudged the Qualm with my thumb

It was trying to run afoul!

And escape down my cheek…

I was thinking about our cabin-scrum

And how we didn’t hear an owl

But we saw a deer by the creek

I remembered when we were nightime spies!

And we scanned each and every window

Like a couple of naughty pervs

I thought about all those uneaten salty fries

And that sinful-sundae full of cookie dough

And all those bagfuls of snack reserves

I recalled every kiss we shared

And how our tongues became best friends

And how our lips got so sore

Our short time together repaired

Our broken parts that no one else could fix

It’s our start, not our end…is what we pledged and swore

via Daily Prompt: Qualm

3 thoughts on “IT’S NOT THE END

  1. So much to remember.
    I’ll remember all my days.
    Looking at the world go by.
    From homeless sadness to gay.
    From towers of nature.
    To towers man made.
    Memories to last a lifetime.
    Memories night and day.
    Memories of you my beauty.
    I remember your smile.
    I remember tears too.
    Spilt from beautiful blue eyes.
    The kiss of true love.
    The taste on which we’re rationed.
    The true feeling of unbridled passion.
    So much to remember.
    But remember I do.
    I will never ever forget.
    The love we made, us two.

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