Sexual gratification is our narrative…

The width of your band

Marches in my mind

Encouraging my aesthetic

Awakening my sense of possibility

Hedonism is our Collaboration

My tongue tied at your hand

As I enjoyed this newfangled grind

I found you, and your circling hips…kinetic

You did, in fact, fuck…with amazing…agility

Love is our outcome…

It’s like we were planned

Destined to be entwined

To be each other’s anesthetic

One another’s tranquility

My sexy beast….I adore you.

Yes!…you are the best sex I have ever had. Ever. Thank you!!!

via Daily Prompt: Collaboration


  1. Our connection wasn’t lost on me .
    You pulled out passions, set them free.
    You drove what you perceive.
    To be my sexual energies.
    Sweet beauty you were and are my dream come true.
    I know my future lies with you.
    To repeat what we started again anew.
    Forever in pleasure just us two.
    A collaboration between hearts minds and souls.
    A bonding tighter making us whole.
    That showed us clearly our objectives our goal.
    To live life in pleasure as one as foretold.

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    1. GAH!!!!! Just GAH!!!!!! I am so hot for you right now. Thank you for loving me, like I love you. Your love is the best feeling in the world. I love you. oxoxoxoxoxoxoxox

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