An alternative plot

For my alternative self

Hidden on my life’s back shelf

Is what I have sought

No more…

Skipping passages

Hopping lines

Jumping words

No more…

Being halfhearted!

I am now on the edge

Of a manicured hedge

On a path un-manicured

Deciphering my secret Maze

My love…has been lured

via Daily Prompt: Maze

2 thoughts on “LOVE LURE

  1. Lured to what I wonder my miss.
    Drawn to you perhaps your kiss.
    Diving down to nibble your baited hook.
    Biting hard needing to be took.
    Tugging your line calling with a grin.
    Please my beauty reel me in!!!

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  2. Lured to the other half of my heart…which you possess. That’s what. I’m cumming for ‘ya….don’t you worry. Next time, I’M biting harder. 😝


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