Forever and passed

If beggars can’t be choosers

Can Winners really be losers?

What does it take to define success?

When your life is one giant fucked up mess.

The smile of the girl that I truly love?

The stroke of her gentle loving touch?

The words from deep that resound as true?

The simplest of gestures like “I love you”?

I’m no beggar, but I certainly choose.

To love my beauty and win, to never lose.

To hear all she says and believe in our path.

To love her as she loves me, to forever and passed.

5 thoughts on “Forever and passed

  1. We can’t help but win, now that we have found each other. We’ve hit the jackpot!!!! Sigh. I love you. A million I love you’s will never be enough to convey all of the love in my heart for you. I adore you…my sweet, delicious…sexy beast. Mmm. I am gonna suck your cock….super duper good for this lovely poem. It is, the least I can do for you. I have much, much more in store for you… much more😉

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