Our echos of love came alive

Reflected in the chamber where we met

Dancing between us…

They ignited our sweating souls,

Performed their art…

And bonded our heart

In your whiskers I whispered

But, there was nothing I could say…

There was nothing I could scream…

To make you stay

Love’s echos were Temporary

Curling and floating away

Like tendrils of exhaled smoke

We could see them…see each other

Until we couldn’t

via Daily Prompt: Temporary

2 thoughts on “FOREIGN AFFAIRS

  1. But those fires will burn again.
    Repeated whispers will ease our pain.
    We’ll feel our passion rise once more.
    Resounding for each other to once again adore.
    Like a memory I shall return to keep.
    Like scars we’ll mark each other deep.
    Leaving more than a trace of our need.
    Planting to grow our true love’s seed.

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