H.E.A with my SEXY BEAST

Once upon a time…

A beauty was born

And a tiny flower was planted

Deep down…

Inside her skin and bone

She ached from the pressure

Caused by this tiny bud

So to make herself feel better

Sometimes, she moaned and chanted…

“I’m just a lonely princess without a crown

Won’t someone come and fill my empty throne?”

For you see…

No one, except for her

And her…sceptre

Tended to her tiny little bud…

Trying to relieve its tiny, little ache

Until one day…

A beast with 2 green thumbs

Deftly spread her garden open

And with tender loving care

Used his wicked…garden…tools

To make her flower…bloom

And then…bloom…again!

Thus relieving her of her ache

She was so grateful to this beast

And they thoroughly enjoyed their mutual feast!

From that day on

They lived and loved…happily ever after



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