I need more than you believe

My mind and body wrestle

In the weeds of my life’s vessel

I’ve a libido that refuses to tapout

My eyes can’t tell lies

I’ve left you with no doubt

I need you, need your love

Will you lose your tongue…inside me?

Give me your happiness…

Cure my loneliness

I am captured in your smile

And your perfect teeth…

Are chewing, chewing, chewing…

All the Better

To grind my love

via Daily Prompt: Better

3 thoughts on “GRINDING LOVE

  1. I sank my teeth into your flesh.
    I bit as did you as we tried to wrest.
    Tried our best to pull out the passion.
    Success was achieved in an awesome fashion.
    Overpowering each other with ease.
    Bringing us both to our knees.
    Love was not lost in lust’s ominous shadow.
    It flourished and stayed as we both know.

    I love you my beauty ❤

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