The impossibility…

Of what’s possible

Inhaling, exhaling

Exhaling, inhaling

You can’t have one

Without the other


The closer I get to you

The further I feel from myself


And as the…

Convulsing, warm salt-water

Pours from our shared heart

It drowns my wishes

Ripping their curl


I am Panicked,

I lied,

I can’t live without you.

via Daily Prompt: Panicked

One thought on “I LIED

  1. You can and you will.
    But only for a short time.
    Then I will return.
    I’ll claim you as mine.
    Sweet beauty
    Lift up your eyes.
    Breath in deeply.
    Take back the lies.
    And look to our future.
    The future we’ll make.
    And believe we’ll be together.
    Cos we’ve bonded never to break….


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