I’ve been chasing happiness for a long time. It has looked back at me and winked on occasion, taunting me with its promises of bliss…if I could only catch it. I’ve gotten close to it several times, but I have not actually…caught it. Until last week. When by some weird twist of fate I was able to grab hold of it, and with a white-knuckled death grip I was determined to never let it go.

I tried everything I could think of to make it stay with me.

Make you stay with me.

I am not sure if when we kissed I was trying to climb inside of you or if I was trying to swallow you whole. I know when we made love I tried to permanently glue our bodies together…using our sweat and my tears. Did you feel me my love? Feel my feeble attempts at creating a Beauty/Beast Frankenstein? A sort of mashed-together-forever-love-machine?

Being with you physically is by far the highlight of my entire life. The flick of your tongue on my needy clit conjuring absolute joy. Your firm hand leaving that little bruise. The sensation of you entering my body, in more ways that one. All of our snuggles and cuddles. The sparkle in your eye as you chose settings, and took more than one of the same view…to pick the best at a later time. You looked so fucking hot…doing what you love. Doing what you do. It made me fall deeper in love with you.

I loved seeing your passion ooze, and I was lucky enough to be able to lick it up. Feeling your soft (and oftentimes hard) milky white skin. Reaching out for you in the middle of the night. Smelling you. My five senses, my body, my mind, my everything was somehow transported to the happiest place on earth…and it certainly wasn’t Disneyland. It was being right there with you. 

I did my best

To make you forget the rest

My breast

Smooshed to your chest

Our shared heart pressed

As I loved on you with zest

Leaving our 4-season sheets messed

Beast…we had a real and true love fest!!!!

Happiness is once again sprinting ahead of me….and I am behind it. Chasing it with more enthusiasm than before, now that I know what I have been missing. I pray that I will be able to…overtake it…another time. Overtake…you. To be able to feel your strong arms circling me again…I can’t think of anything more sublime. Anything more blissful. You are my happiness. You are what I am chasing. I will chase you until the day I die. I hope I catch you for good one of these days.

I love you.


  1. You won’t have to run hard my love. I too found such joys that I never ever thought I’d feel. I too fell for the sparkling eyes and enthusiasm that whet my appetite for you.
    My beauty, if only for more time… if only for more privacy… if only we had a lifetime in those few short days.
    I will return, I will hold you again, I will return to ease under your skin to live in your heart once more. And then, then we will plan our forever, we will prepare our path to perpetual bliss…. You and I my beauty, my miss…… You and I forever ❤❤❤


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