Thoroughly, diligently

You coated me

Gently, softly

Your fingers inserted more

Carefully, cautiously

You slathered yourself

You’re big daddy

So big…

I was afraid it would hurt

And…it did daddy😱

Can we please try again?

You slipped out…

Of our secret place

Right as I came…

It was such a shame!😭

But, you held me tight

And didn’t even pout

You were unselfish in every way

Feeling my body sway

Until it finally gave up it’s fight

Although I’ve been practicing by wearing my tail

Right where I wanted you to nail…

Your lollipop is a whale!🐳

And we had…an anal-fail 😥


I hope it felt good…


Knowing what it meant to me…

I love you daddy❤️

via Daily Prompt: None

3 thoughts on “ANAL FAIL

  1. I didn’t slip out sweet sexy girl.
    You forced me out as your toes curled.
    You came so hard I couldn’t stay in.
    And a fail wasn’t registered across my grin.
    I took care of you, I always will.
    And your special place will give more thrills…..

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