3 thoughts on “Nibbling Ginger

  1. Ginger snapped,
    As we span our yarn.
    Tasting so good,
    Tongued tingling, darn!
    The scent can’t be imagined,
    Nor touch felt.
    As we lie in OUR bed,
    And like chocolate we melt.
    Popcorn, peanut butter,
    Melts in our mouths.
    As lips and tongue wander,
    Both heading south.
    The time of our lives,
    Under the western states sun,
    You and I together at last,
    To truly become one.


    1. I loved OUR bed…
      Our peanut butter and chocolate popcorn
      Our ginger cookies
      Our black licorice (even though you didn’t eat it)
      Our spicy corn chips
      Our gummies
      But most of all….
      I loved the taste of your sweet delicious cum my love….
      I love you.

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      1. And I shall smile every time I sip my vanilla latte….
        But I shall swoon at the taste of your pretty lil pussy 😜😜😛😛💦💦

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