Kaleidoscopic storm

A kaleidoscope of thoughts,

Swirl around my brain.

Do this, do that!

Tell me, are yours the same?

A storm decisions,

Raging in my heart.

How will I survive,

When it comes, our time to part.

A calmness,

Settles colours and breaks the cloud’ s hold.

Because I know above all.

We’re forever together, in our hearts and souls.

2 thoughts on “Kaleidoscopic storm

  1. I see you my beloved…
    Swirled and passion colored
    We are reflecting one another
    In our…
    Mirrored minds.
    Pictures are a kaleidoscope
    Of you and me…
    Sealed tight in love’s envelope.
    Hold on my love…
    Please don’t let go of my rope.
    I love you.
    Your poetry is amazingly beautiful 🙂 Thank you.

    Liked by 1 person

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