Rolling like waves meeting the shore.

Hands reach and caress pulling forth more.

Breaths and hearts in synchronicity.

Personification of physical harmony.

Together as one in passions bright light.

Together as one illuminating the night.

Stars in your eyes, observed by mine.

Connected in an instant for all time.

Captured in this moment within my minds eye.

Signs of what’s to come, the rest of our lives.

4 thoughts on “Signs

  1. I want to sign on the dotted line..
    And make you mine…
    I want to sign over my love…
    To you…my truelove.
    I am showing signs of…
    Can you read my sign?
    It says: You are the most talented, romantic poet…your words are adrenaline rushes I feel surging through my body. Your love…is a snack I must eat. It gives me energy, nourishes my soul. I love you beyond love. Thank you for writing to me. Thank you for making me feel alive. You are quite simply….a-m-a-z-i-n-g.

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