All rise

The judgement is passed,

My gavel seals it hard.

Crashing down so loud,

Your card lil brat is marked.

All here present hear her crime,

Bratish masturbation!

Her plea is guilty,

Mitigation, desperation?

For this misdemeanour,

A corporal punishment shall be dealt.

A crop to be administered,

20 angry red welts!

No appeal should be sought,

This sentence is passed.

And punishment will duly be enacted,

Across both cheeks of the defendants arse.

Learn from this my lil miss will,

That is until she breaks the bond again.

So you’ll not see me shed a tear,

For she will never ever refrain.

A habitual criminal,

Fingers that will never rest.

But who am I to pass sentence,

When I love the little one to caress.


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