Carry me safely

Carry me safely

Carry me sure

Hold me tightly

So tight to be sure

For outside you see

This beastly shell

But inside is gentle

Inside can be frail

So carry me safely

Be only too sure

The you hold my heart

And so much much more

5 thoughts on “Carry me safely

  1. I am holding you so tight my love…we have become one.
    I have no clue where you start…where I end. I am breathing in, you are exhaling out…
    Together we will play and lovedeep inside ourselves….because we like being vulnerable with one another. Together we will fortify and strengthen our outside…so that we can survive anything and anyone that will try to cause us harm. I love you my sweet sexy beast…a lifetime of for-evers with you will never be enough for me. oxoxoxoxoxoxox

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    1. Good my mirrored soul.
      For I shall never stop trying to be enough…i will strain every sinew and muscle to live up to your expectations.
      I will try to be what you are to me.
      Everything. ❤

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