When you take a bite

Of my reality…

Will I taste like your fantasy…

Will the flavor of my sweet love

Sate your soul…

W(h)et your appetite?

I have enough rope to hang myself

But, I’d rather be Climbing to you with it

I just hope when I get to you

You aren’t disappointed

My fear and confidence are braided tight

I want you to desire what you see…

Because there is no portion controlling my ecstasy

Beast, I am deeply….deeply in love

Capturing you, your heart…is my goal

With me, I pray you find your light

via Daily Prompt: Climbing

3 thoughts on “IN ta MESSY

  1. I already have…you!
    That rope will have a use.
    Binding us together.
    Body and soul tethered.
    Tying us tight, no room for the rest.
    Together forever in loves final test.

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    1. This is one test, for which I’ve been pulling an all-nighter for. Cramming, cramming, cramming….
      I better get an A+…..
      I’ll even fuck my teacher…if need (and I do have a need…) be😈

      Liked by 1 person

      1. A star! Your mark to be made.
        You and I learning together to grade.
        You and I learning our A, B, C’s.
        Right up to a sexual degree….


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