When you say my name

Outloud, but only in your head

I want you to go berserk

And feel, what you need to feel

My tiny white teeth…

Sinking into their meal

Passion is a gnawing bite…

A swirling saliva dilation

Opening and lengthening a satisfying jerk

Giving pleasure its way

Unraveling all your…

Coulda, woulda, should…ahhhhhh’s

via Daily Prompt: Unravel

4 thoughts on “TEETH

  1. Feast my love
    Slurp and bite
    Consume my love
    Eat all tonight
    I’m a buffet
    A three course meal
    You pay with your heart
    That’s the meal deal
    So tell me my beauty
    Will you eat
    Will you give everything
    For this piece of meat

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    1. Mmm. Cum ‘n get it….😛
      Your…chuck wagon is full😂
      There is no doubt….
      My heart? Yes I will pull…
      It from my chest…
      And hand it to you…
      Payment for my meal rendered…
      Your babygirl is hungry daddy🍭

      Liked by 1 person

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