Pinata girl

Fuck the doubt that lies deep within

Fuck it away on a wicked sex swing

Let it ooze and trail away

As you swing like a pendulum as you slowly sway

Ropes that bind reminding of course

That screams of torment can leave one rather hoarse

So save the the voice sweet girl, save it for when

You my human pinata gets whacked again

Strike after strike I beam with such glee

As you spill sweet pleas instead of sweet candy

Then when finally you break open in two

I let you down and slowly consume you



4 thoughts on “Pinata girl

  1. I’m filled to brimming
    With sweet deliciousness
    Your tongue will be rimming
    And I’ll be singing…
    Our love’s sonata….
    Swinging and…stinging
    Lost in our blissfulness❤️
    Daddy’s lil piñata….

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