Sitting on my bottom

I slink my arms behind my knees

Grabbing onto my ankles


Like a weeble…I start to wobble

Rolling onto my back…

Legs folded and spread open

I am a happy baby…indeed

“I can seeee youuuu dadddddy!!!”

Our eyes meet, for a moment

Before yours lock onto

My pretty pink openings

As they rock back and forth,

Back and forth in front of you…

I’m giggling with glee and naughty joy

Staring at the weakening resolve…

In your pants

1 and a half seconds later….

Your hands are full of

The backs of my thighs

Pushing them further apart

Lifting my bottom off the ground

As your tongue starts licking me

From one pink hole 

To the other…

Savoring my honey

Before making a wet path

Up my front…

Straight into my mouth

So I can suck on it

And taste myself…

Falling on to me…cradling me

My legs wrap around you tighter than tight

And we get tangled up in a ball, just how we like

As we whisper to each other over and over…

“I love you so so so much daddy…”

“I love you too my babygirl…so so so much”


  1. I’m here to snugglefuck.
    I whisper into your ear.
    Oh good I like that lots.
    You say oh so sincere.
    Like an Angel innocent.
    With nothing but love in your heart.
    You kiss your daddy’s lips.
    To signal you’re ready to start.
    Our tongues meet and swirl.
    As my lollipop finds pink hole.
    And then in each other’s arms.
    You special swallows me whole.
    Warm and snuggled together.
    Writhing back and forth.
    Little squeals of glee through smiles.
    And tickles too of course.
    And then it happens suddenly.
    The smiles slip away.
    For daddy and his sweet lil miss.
    Gasp and cum and sway.
    Then lying there arm in arm.
    The smiles begin to return.
    My babygirl slinks down below.
    To suck lollipop hard for another turn.

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