I’m in pursuit of you my beauty

Tenacious in my chase

Unrelenting wanton need

Not a moment I shall waste

For you are the ultimate prize

The most beautiful ever seen by these eyes

You are my heart and soul to be

You are everything I will ever need

You are what I breathe for today

So of course i will always chase

And once I’ve caught you

Hold you in my arms

I be as tenacious my love

To keep you and you charms


3 thoughts on “Chase

  1. It’s the thrill of the chase
    That I love❤
    On all fours….
    Swaying my tail…
    Showing you my
    Wet kitty in need of your nail
    Cum and get me…
    Tenaciousness is appreciated…
    And fucking hot.
    My wicked sexy beast…
    Come earn my submission…
    Trap me…remove my fur
    And own me….

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