Are you holding my feet

To the flame…

Or, am I holding yours there?

Are we adding fuel to a futuristic bonfire?

Two lovebirds gonna rise from the messy ash…

Parroting one another’s pleasure and pain…

Or, is our lust sitting on a livewire

Gone in a flash…

Bleach on a stain…

Will you let me trap your body’s heat

And Heal myself with it as my flesh moans your name…

Will you let me be the clothes your body wears?

via Daily Prompt: Heal

4 thoughts on “WILL YOU WEAR…ME?

  1. Tighter than skinny jeans
    That feel good to be worn
    I will let you wear me
    Of this I’m already sworn
    We are tighter than lycra
    And will forever be
    Me wearing you close to my skin
    You slipping on me
    Forever your fashion accessory.

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