Needles not meant for sewing

Are making temporary indentations

On my knees…

And the full moon is glowing

Illuminating my moaning incantations,

Needful whimpering, and desperate pleas…

I feel nightime’s damp breath on my skin

Exciting my body and mind for sin

I’m waiting for you~my sexy beast

And under our clair de lune we will join

Forbidden love is to be our feast…

Mouth to mouth, groin to groin

5 thoughts on “NEEDLES

  1. Voodoo chile
    Manipulate me
    Black magic moulding
    Forming free
    Beautiful witch
    Ensnare my soul
    Wrap me up
    Swallow me whole
    Voodoo chile
    Take what you’ve won
    Potions incantations
    Make me the one

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