My Beauty, my Belle

You hold the beauty

To tame my inner beast

You hold the love

Upon which I love to feast

You are the Belle

The Belle of my ball

The dream made into a girl

For which I daily willingly fall

You are Beauty my love

Personified as I see

The one and only heart

That exists in this world for me

So embark on this journey

This trail of adventurous play

And love me as I love you sweet girl

Forever til the end of all days

Forever…will never…

Be long enough…

My gorgeous, sweet, sexy beast

And as you slay the dragons…

That try and cause us harm

I will follow you…

Wherever you lead us

For you are my good luck charm…

My protector, my lover, my best friend

Right here with you…

Is where I will stay ‘til the end

I love you

I love you too

❤ ❤

Co-written by Beast and his Beauty.

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