I smile the biggest of wicked grins

As we tempt fate with the biggest sins

You and I, eye to eye

Tasting, touching, letting fly

No script written for what we do

It all comes naturally, improv et tu

Longing becomes loving, loving hell bent

For worth we both know, our souls spent

So I smile wickedly, as do you

Thus swelling our hearts for being true


Living the dream

Living the dream

Truly blessed

Amongst the ancient trees

Of your wildest of wests

Who could of thought

You’d happen to me

That I’d get to see

The sights that I’ve seen

My face lifts

To look into your eyes

Shining bright

Reflecting mine

I fall deeper

Deeper than the bay

I rise higher

Than the tower in which we play

Who could of imagined

That dreams DO come true

No not even I

That was, til I met you



Pretty as a picture

I want to photograph you clothed.

I want to photograph you nude.

I want to capture you in every mood.

I want to picture you in the sunset.

I want to picture you at dawn.

I want to see you in every light with flora and fawn.

You are the beauty.

You are the piece of art.

You are what I’d capture as you’ve captured my heart.

Kaleidoscopic storm

A kaleidoscope of thoughts,

Swirl around my brain.

Do this, do that!

Tell me, are yours the same?

A storm decisions,

Raging in my heart.

How will I survive,

When it comes, our time to part.

A calmness,

Settles colours and breaks the cloud’ s hold.

Because I know above all.

We’re forever together, in our hearts and souls.

Point of no return

We’re here

One more step

If you back out now

Have no regrets

We’re here

The time will soon pass

From where there’s no running

No hauling arse

We’re here

Finally to consummate

To be in one others presence

To rejuvenate

We’re here

Face to face

To see the love held

By God’s sweet grace


Catchlights in her eyes enslave me.

They bring me to the verge of tears.

The joy I feel to call her mine.

Wipes away all and any fears.

The love I see and feel from her.

Makes me feel like number one.

The love I feel and show to her.

Confirms that she’s the one.

And again I look upon her beauty.

The catchlights in her eyes.

I hold myself wanting to be bound.

Enslaved, hers for all time.


Rolling like waves meeting the shore.

Hands reach and caress pulling forth more.

Breaths and hearts in synchronicity.

Personification of physical harmony.

Together as one in passions bright light.

Together as one illuminating the night.

Stars in your eyes, observed by mine.

Connected in an instant for all time.

Captured in this moment within my minds eye.

Signs of what’s to come, the rest of our lives.